LEA: Winners VS Losers


If you are like me, you probably watched the Liberian Entertainment Award (LEA) through a series of Facebook snippets or waited for the Liberian fashion police, whoever they may be, to post criticism and or praises of individuals best or worst dress for the occasion but…


The Truth
The truth is, many of you who are like me didn’t skip the LEA because you couldn’t afford it; the truth is, we’ve simply outgrown the repetitiousness of the LEA. The same old welcome party with overcrowded bars and bad odors from every corner or the same old boring and less entertaining award show or the same old overcrowded, half-drunk after party at the last minute to time change of venue announcement.
And hey, let’s get the fact straight, I’m not saying this because I want to host an award show or just because I want to criticize, I do believe ten years of existence should mean something. Imagine yourself working a job ten years without a raise, how furious will you be?


The Good
The LEA stands for the Liberian Entertainment Awards and was founded by Takus Zonen and his teams some ten years ago. The LEA recognizes those who are excellent in the arts of Movies, Music, Fashion, Sport, community services and or humanitarian services. Over the years, hundreds of awards have been given by Takus and his Team and the Award show itself have been hosted in over a dozen cities across America.
Despite its popularity, many critics believe the award falls short of its intended purpose and are constantly overshadowed by non-relevant criteria.  Most often, the intention of awarding excellence in the arts are often overshadowed by who wore what, what brand name and the best or worst dress on the red carpets etc. It is a known fact that ten years later the Liberian Entertainment Award doesn’t have a climaxing category like the Best Picture in the Academy Award or the Best Music Video in the MTV award. Fans are often presented with what’s available and allowed to display their dress code on the red carpet as a reward for their attendance.


Ten Years of the Same Thing
So, like I started in the opening paragraphs “if you are like me you probably watched the Liberian Entertainment Award through a Facebook live of some individual you don’t know.” That’s because ten years later the organizing committee is still unable to hire a professional production crew to fully produce and present the LEA like the award it should be; An event that is mature, organize and presentable to an audience of all works of Life.
You might notice that many of the LEA attendees are first-time visitors or people wanting to display their latest fashion or brand name the red carpet. This has been the case over the years but Liberians are supportive and found of the show, they troop in their numbers every year from all over America hoping for something better than the past but settled for what’s presented to them.
I could go on and on but before it sounds like I’ve run out of ideas, let me present and congratulate the winner of this year 2018 Liberian Entertainment Award
13. LEA2018 BEST FILM: Siatta Will Kill US
12. LEA2018 BEST ACTOR: Angel Michae
‪11. LEA2018 BEST FILMMAKER: Frank Artus
10. ‬LEA2018 BEST COMEDIAN: Angel Michael
9.  LEA2018 BEST MUSIC VIDEO: DenG ft Kcee
‪7.  LEA2018 BEST MUSIC PRODUCER: Stone Luck Shine
‪6.  LEA2018 BEST NEW ARTIST: Shine P
5.  ‪LEA2018 BEST MODEL: Cianneh Browne
4. ‪LEA2018 BEST FASHION DESIGNER: Precious Pieces
2. LEA2018: BEST DJ: DJ Nelly
1. LEA2018: SONG of the Year: Shine P “Drinking Drinks”
Source: Takus Zonen
It’s only the same hope that next years will be better than this.