Op-Ed: A Positive Reflection Of President Weah’s First 100 Days


President George Manneh Weah is approaching his first 100 days in power, and so far he is putting all his critics to shame.

Internationally, the President has been well received by French citizens and their President, the Moroccans, the African leaders at the  AU; and most leaders in our subregion (Ghana, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Togo).

Domestically our President has met with businesspeople, journalists, hospital administrators, students and average citizens. Yet he has embarked on efforts to build a military hospital, broke ground for the New Redemption hospital, negotiated a loan for the coastal highway, sought to startup Air Liberia, has started plans to build a conference center on Bali Island, and formulated a Pro Poor Agenda, which will replace the Agenda for Transformation.

What is becoming vividly clear is that our President is not only young, vibrant and energetic, but he is also a visionary and someone who can tackle a domestic agenda and an international agenda at the same time.

 It is also evidently clear that he is a unifier and one with a forgiving spirit. Colonel Abraham Kromah spoke of the kind gesture that the President accorded him, although Colonel Kromah was a harsh critic of the President during the campaign. I can also attest to his maturity and his spirit of kindness, forgiveness and brotherly love accorded to me, although I had criticized him during the 2011 elections.

 Every time that his critics questioned his ability to lead, his academic preparedness or his executive leadership experience; he remained humbled and was able to meet the challenge by acquiring Undergraduate and Graduate degrees, and finally contesting and winning a Senatorial seat, thereby learning the inner workings of government.

Approximately 90 days ago he overwhelmingly won the Presidency with a huge mandate from his people. Since that time, he has sent out a clarion call that

“Liberia is open for business”, but that “Liberian citizens must not be spectators in their own economy”.

He wrote an Op-Ed in the New York Times, telling the world of his life experience, his values of tenacity, dedication and hard work, as well as his journey to the Presidency, and his vision for Liberia.

 There is no doubt in my mind, that this President is on his way to being one of the greatest President’s Liberia has ever known.

He is doing his part, and therefore we must do ours to meet him halfway.

 I am therefore calling on Rodney D. Sieh and Johnathan Paye-Layleh to give our President a chance to be their leader, a brother and hopefully a friend. I ask that you all have an open heart, open mind and open arms. We need all Liberians on board to build a prosperous nation. We must all ensure that President Weah succeeds; for if he succeeds Liberia and Liberians succeed.