SOS Call To Help Treat 5 yrs. Old Caustic Victim

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The parents of a five-year-7-month-old child, who mistakenly drank caustic water, are calling on people of goodwill to help their child seek medical attention in Ghana or another foreign country.SOS

In an interview with reporters in Monrovia recently, Madam Janet Cooper said that since her grandchild, Janet Johnson drank the caustic water a little over five months ago; the child health has been deteriorating greatly.

“When the incident happened, we took her to Sime Darby Hospital in Bomi and they did her test and send us to MSF where the doctors there advised that she be taken to Ghana or to the United States for treatment,” the grandmother of the child said.

Seated beside a misshaped house or what is known in Liberia as a “zinc round, Madam Cooper said: “we do not have much money to take this child for treatment and the condition of the child is really getting bad off by the day. I am calling on anyone who will listen to me on air or read a copy of the newspaper to please help restore the life of this child”.

Displaying the tube used to feed the child, Madam Cooper said in a sad mood that when it is time to feel the kid, it pains and she as a grandmother really cannot stand the pain the infant is undergoing.

Explaining how the child drank the caustic, Madam Cooper narrated that on December 25, 2017, she and other family members went for tarry and while leaving, they left the child with her uncle whose name she did not disclose during the interview.

According to her when they returned from the tarry, she received news that the child has drunk caustic water.

Also speaking was the kid’s grandaunt, Oretha Arthur who said: “she can be hungry but she can’t want to eat because of the pain that is associated with her feeling.”
Madam Arthur indicated that when little Janet Johnson friends are eating candies or other food, little Janet can also want to eat but said that nothing can pass through her throat.
“This is causing her to grieve every time” Oretha sadly said.
She said” anyone who wants to get to the family can call the following contacts which are: 0775864337 or 0880597630. Any good you do for this kid it is God Almighty that is going to repay you” she concluded.

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