Conflict of Interest Hindering Solo vs LFA Case?


It’s been one week now since the Civil Law Court ordered the Liberia Football Association Elections Committee to give George Solo a candidate in the LFA April 14 Presidential election a “due process” to his case he filed just before the polls.


There has been no further comment from the LFA Elections Committee since the court ruling last week.
This silence is creating lots of uncertainty about a partial judgment in the case.
George Solo has not been contacted by the Committee according to his team members.
This paper, however, has gathered that the Solo’s camp has raised another serious concern about a fair handling of their candidate.
Some members of the George Solo’s Campaign team told this The Monrovia Times that they feared their candidate will not get a fair hearing by the LFA Elections Committee as a “conflict of interest” could interplay with the entire process.
They particularly point out Councilor Arthur Johnson, the LFA lead lawyer, who is also the Co-chairman on the LFA Elections Committee.
According to them, Cllr. Arthur Johnson’s presence as both LFA Lead Lawyer and LFA Elections Committee Co-chair is a complete “conflict of interest” which casts serious doubts on a fair process for George Solo.
They want another body like the elections appeal committee to handle the case as they have lost confidence in the LFA Elections Committee with Arthur Johnson a member.
“How can we get a fair trial when Cllr. Arthur Johnson has shown that he’s against our candidate for the fact that he fought us at the court” a campaigner for Solo said.
Beside the Solo’s camp, there have been other serious concerns with the LFA Elections Committee, including the composition or setup of the Committee and its members.
Several stakeholders and some media practitioners raised several questions about Cllr. Arthur Johnson and Attorney Sarfua Gray’s appointment to the committee as many said it was against the LFA Statutes.
The two were earlier accused of not been football stakeholders prior to their appointment to the LFA Elections Committee in keeping with the Local Football Constitution.
Another argument was that the two were confidants of the LFA President Musa Bility and could not oversee a fair electoral process.
The LFA outgoing President Musa Bility strongly defended the argument and the Stakeholders agreed with him at the last LFA Congress just before the April 14 polls, when they endorsed the committee members.
One member of the committee, Church Cleric Bishop George Harris pulled out from the committee; saying he was not qualified to form a part of the committee leaving just two members.
George Solo himself had a complaint filed against him by the Mustaphai Raji’s camp which was also not looked into.
That camp complained that Solo did not get the five nominations to be clear to contest the elections, but the LFA Election Committee said LPRC Oilers’ withdrawer of the nomination for George Solo was late.