Man, 18, Gets 15-Years Jail Sentence In Margibi

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The murderer of a commercial bus driver identified as Abu Sesay in Kakata Margibi County has finally been sentenced for 15-years by the 13th Judiciary Circuit Court in Kakata Margibi County.

Eighteen (18) years-old Mohammed S. Kanneh according to report got his jail sentence on Tuesday, May 22, 2018, after admitting in open Court that he murdered the bus driver.

The County Attorney of Margibi, Isaac L. George in an interview with this writer told The Monrovia Times Newspaper that Mohammed on May 21, 2018, appeared in Court and an indictment was read to him after which he confessed and pleaded guilty to the crime.

He explained that thereafter, Mohammed’s pre-sentence conference was called by the defense counsel via a motion stating that it was granted and his pre-sentence conference was held on the 22nd of May 2018.
Atty. George further noted that Mohammed’s mother then went in his defense saying he has being a good boy though sometimes stubborn but she did not know him to be a bad boy.

The Margibi County Atty. averred that the mother of Mohammed also admitted that late last year and a certain part of this year (2018) she saw her son with some friends that did not satisfy her.

He further intoned that police investigators report disclosed that Mohammed history proved that he was a violent man and more besides he has a record that he stabbed someone sometimes back adding that with that the Court in its judgment rendered him 15-years sentence although his (Attorney Isaac L. George) office was not satisfied with the Court’s decision.

He explained that in the wisdom of the resident Judge of the 13th Judicial Circuit Court, Mardea Tarr Chenoweth; Kanneh admitted to the crime that he did not intend to kill rather it was a mistake in the sense that he was struggling to save his own life through which he stabbed victim Abu Sesay as such; she believes that 15-years were good for him and it will help to change him to good man.

The Ministry of Justice’s Representative in the County said the intension was to send the message that one who kills a person or commits a crime must be punished so that it sends a message of deterence to others who would be criminals or trouble makers that a serious consequence awaits whoever commits crime but intoned that the Laws give the Judge the latitude to decide as to the sentence especially within the conform of the Law and as a murder which is a first degree felony, the minimum should be ten (10) years stating that he accepts the judge’s ruling.

He, however, said the Law permits that intern of mitigation, once a person admits to the crime; the Law says that he/she should be given some benefit to that because he/she did not waste the Court or persecution time and the Court may lessen the sentence terming it as a sign of showing regret.

It can be recalled that Mohammed was arrested days after he killed Abu Sesay around the Margibi branch of the Federation of Road Transport Union of Liberia (FRTUL) and was sent to his father in Monrovia by his mother through Police tip-off from a civilian intelligence.

Mohammed on the night of Tuesday, February 21, 2018, reportedly stabbed the victim to death with scissor he asked his colleague for having tried jerking the phone of his victim Abu Sesay but he did not succeed.
Mohammed then admitted to the police investigators that he committed the act and was charged by police for murder and sent to Court for persecution.