PCC Boss Seeks Partnerships with Foreign Cities

Local News

Paynesville City Mayor, Madam E. Pam Belcher Taylor, has left the country to participate in a workshop in the Swedish city of Helsingborg.

The workshop is being held on the management of risks and returns while creating smart cities, according to the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the Paynesville City Corporation, Mr. Jeremiah Diggen.

At the event, Mayor Taylor made a formation presentation on the challenges confronting waste management in Paynesville city, Liberia.
She indicated that Paynesville city is the largest and the most populated city in Liberia, but the lack of adequate logistics and other resources is making it difficult for the City Corporation to respond swiftly to waste control in the municipality.

The situation has in some instances led to the outbreak of several sicknesses. During the presentation, Mayor Taylor highlighted the enormous tasks faced by the corporation in handling wastes within the city.
She said Paynesville city has the largest commercial hub in Liberia, the red –light market.
According to the Mr. Diggen, Paynesville is the only city in Africa attending the workshop which was made possible by several individuals and entities including Mr. Peter Anderbergnordic of Heat/Smart City Alliance; Mrs. Tov Strauss/ Consultant; Mrs. Alexandria Fleetwood / Senior Advisor; Mrs. Jessica Magnusson/consultant and Mrs. Agnes Nelson/ project manager, AN-Event.
The workshop is also being attended by Nordic Heat Academy and Advisory Services and Training Center, Hotspot Global Business Centers and Smart City Alliance International Partnerships.
The speakers at this year workshop include senior political leaders from Stoke-on-Trent city council and the city of Helsingborg.

Meanwhile, the Paynesville City Mayor and Team have toured the Filborna EFW installation which is a waste to energy management plant in Helsingborg, Sweden, and owned by the city of Helsingborg. The plant converts the assorted waste material into power/ electricity.

Mr. Diggen further indicated that one percent of waste in Sweden goes to landfill while most wastes are converted into energy and bio-fuel.
While in Sweden Mayor Taylor will seek to attract partnerships with other cities for the Paynesville city.

On the Mayor’s delegation is Mr. Nyemale Gibson, city manager for administration and resilient officer of 100 resilient cities.
Mrs. Brewer, who is from the 100 Resilient, cities working with the Paynesville city corporation [PCC] also delivered a presentation at the event.
At the same time, Mrs. Jessica Magnusson /consultant at Smart Cities Alliance drilled the Paynesville city corporation team about the importance of replicating the example of the city government Helsingborg, Sweden.
Mrs. Magnusson said, if the plant is established in Liberia, it will help immensely in tackling the waste and sanitation problems in Paynesville city.