Sime Darby Bows To Legislative Pressure …Vows To Uphold Recommendations


Following almost a month of legislative probing of Same Darby Management over an alleged ‘torturing video,’ the Management of Sime Darby Liberia has vowed to uphold recommendations made by the House of Representatives after it was slap with a contempt charge by that body.

Appearing before the House’s plenary on Tuesday, May 22, 2018, the Sime Darby Management rendered an apology to the House for whatsoever inconvenience they may have caused the body and promised to fully implement its documented recommendations.

Crafted by the Specialized Legislative Investigative Committee set up by House Speaker Bhofal Chambers, the recommendations among other things mandate the Sime Darby Management to identify and prosecute those seen in the torturing video so as to serve as a deterrent for would-be violators of human rights on their plantation.

According to the documented recommendations, a copy which is in the possession of The Monrovia Times, those involved in the video are not employees of Sime Darby except for Boima Feika (Acting Chief Security) whom should be dismissed with immediate effect.
The recommendations also highlighted that the management of Sime Darby was in gross violation of section 12.1 of the concession agreement which calls for Liberians to occupy senior managerial position and that it is necessary for the company to now fully comply with such aspect of the agreement.

“There are five positions allotted for Liberians. Namely Head of Human Resources, Head of Corporate Communication, Head of Security, Head of Liaison and Head of SAP & IT support. Currently, 2 posts are held by Liberians namely Head of Security which constitutes 20% Senior Management Positions…” the recommendation noted.

The House’s Specialized Investigative Committee also takes into consideration poor structures erected by the Sime’s Darby management for its employees.

“That Sime Darby management removes and replaces asbestos roofing sheets as well as improves the structure of the housing units as provided for under section 9.5 of the agreement and article 41 of the Collection Bargaining Agreement. This must take place within 1 year,” the further recommendation reveals.