GVG Administration Blunders -15 Junior Students Denied WAEC Exams

Local News
The Administration of the George V. Gibson Memorial United Methodist High School in Kakata Margibi County has reportedly blundered causing fifteen of her 9th graders to miss the West African Examination Council (WAEC) Exams.
Some of the students who preferred not to be named told the Monrovia Times Newspaper that they paid the required fees for the Exams and were given receipts which qualified them to write the exams but they were denied by their Vice Principal for Instruction (VPI) identified as Emmett on grounds that they did not register.
A female student affected in the process said the administration informed she and other colleagues that they did not register as such; they could not be allowed to sit for the Exams.
She narrated that they were fifty-nine (59) 9th graders that supposed to write the exams from the school but forty-four were sent leaving out the fifteen of them because the administration said they did not register.
According to her, they were informed about the situation a day to the exams (Wednesday, May 30, 2018) after they assembled on the School Campus to collect their numbers in preparation for the exams, but the Vice Principal for Instruction said their names did not come out blaming the situation on a mistake made by the office of WAEC.
The GVG Student explained that in order to verify the information, she checked the listing and it was confirmed that her name was not published thus leaving her with no other alternative but to inform her mother who instructed her to return on campus.
She said the GVG administration then instructed the fifteen of them to get set the next morning to go on the Campus of the Booker T. Washington Institution where the test was being administered but they went to the house of the VPI who called WAEC office and was told that the mistake came from the side of the school administration.
The girl explained that the administration asked them to wait for the next school year (academy 2018/2019) to write the test something she said she cannot do requesting the administration to refund her money because she can’t wait for next year.
For his part, a male student has accused the Vice Principal for Instruction identified as Emmett for denying them from writing their test. “Rev. Emmet denied us from taking the West African Examination because we paid our WAEC fees but he told us our names never come out and which of course we paid” he lamented.
According to him, he paid his fee in the tone of L$3,500 in December of 2017 which was ahead of the deadline set up by the Administration and he was given a receipt but surprisingly he could sit for the Exams.
When contacted, the Principal of the Institution Alexander O. Boe termed the allegation of his Administration denying fifteen 9 grade Students from writing the WAEC Exams as false and misleading.
Mr. Boe disclosed that out of the names of Students sent by the School four of those names were mistakenly left out by his Vice Principal for Instruction but admitted that they paid their WAEC fees and it was deposited in WAEC account.
He further noted that after the mistake was uncovered, the Administration met the parents of the students involved and the Administration agreed to refund their money thus taking the responsibility to pay the students’ WAEC fees next academic year.
The Principal admitted that the students paid their WAEC fees in December 2017 and the names were already being sent, indicating that he took over the school in April 2018.
He also said the school had forty-eight 9 graders for the 2017/2018 academy year and forty-four out of that number were sent to write the exams but close to four students did not turn out. He, however, blamed the situation on the failure of WAEC officials to send the names of the 9 graders to the Institution for verification as it is always done in the case of the 12 graders.