“This Government Will Succeed”


Minutes after the House of Representatives on Tuesday passed into law the famous Eton Financing Loan Agreement, House Speaker Bhofal Chambers has reassured Liberians that the CDC-led government will explore every available avenue in making sure their livelihoods are improved and the country is developed.

Speaker Chambers said immense efforts have been made by both the Executive and Legislative Branches of government in addressing cardinal issues that tend to directly affect the growth and development of Liberia.
The Speaker described the passage of the Eton loan agreement as a “unique achievement” for the country and its people in that it will help tackle the old aged problems that were grappled with by past administrations.
He said, the loan agreement following its subsequent passage by the Liberian Senate and signed into law by the President, will address the issues of bad road conditions in the south and western regions of Liberia.
Speaker Chambers, who himself hailed from the southeastern part of the country (Maryland County), said monies used from the loan will connect seven counties’ capitals within the Southeastern and Western regions of Liberia.
“In as much as we encourage our critics to continue to say whatever they have to say, they must also know that this government which is for the people, by the people, and of the people will succeed,” Speaker Chambers declared.
 “Life cannot go without criticism, in fact, it serves as a polish to make you shine better. So for those who have alternative views, give us your views to see how this country can move forward,” he added.
Speaker Chambers also refutes the argument of critics that Liberia should not be in the business of signing loan agreements after the country has acquired huge foreign debts during the past administration.
According to him, despite the huge economy of a country, nations around the world still acquired foreign debts and Liberia is of no exception.
Speaker Chambers Explains,
“If you will say Liberia should not owe then you have to give us alternatives as to how should we go about in developing this country. Name me one country in the world that is debt free then I will tell you Liberia will not have anymore borrowing scheme.
Our traditional partners will say to you that they themselves are indebted externally to the world. Take America for example; in 2016, the American Government had an external debt of seventeen trillion dollars. Now, if you say that you credit to repay then that means your loan must reduce. Today, as of the 3rd of May 2018, America does have as debt twenty one trillion one hundred and seventy-one billion United Dollars.”