Weah Vows To End Violence Against Women

President George Weah has pledged his administration’s commitment to the fight against sexual and Gender-based violence at the ongoing European Development Day (EDD) Summit in Brussels.
The Liberian President who emphasized the importance of women also added that women remain cardinal to the growth and development of any country.
Addressing the EU Development Summit Day in Brussels under the Theme “Women and Girls at the ForeFront of Sustainable Development, President Weah disclosed that the issues of sexual and gender-based violence remain a serious challenge in Liberia.
He noted that as Liberia moves forward with development, women and girl’s opportunities will always be a priority noting that the participation of women is key to the developmental drive of any nation.
According to the Liberian Chief Executive, the country’s progress since the return of peace and stability, would not have been possible without the enormous contribution of the women of Liberia.
“In my own country (Liberia) the issue of Gender Equality and Sexual Abuse still remain a persistent problem among young people; as president of Liberia,  it is my responsibility to lead the effort to address these glaring disparity in our social economic fabric.” He noted.
He further asserted that his commitment to eradicating Sexual and Gender Base violence is stemmed on a personal basis and comes from a long-standing appreciation and respect for the strength and value of women and girls in society.
He added that the return of stability and democratic governance has provided the needed space for women to realize their potential through national programs stressing that Liberia cannot achieve her objective if the over 50 percent women population is ignored.
The Liberian leader has meanwhile frowned on laws within the Liberian constitution that are discriminatory against women in the country noting that laws on marriage, divorce, property rights, child custody and land ownership contained clauses that marginalized women in favor of men.
“It is my intention to conduct a comprehensive review to eliminate clauses that discriminate against the women of Liberia and in this regard we are requesting the