Monthly Archives: June 2018

“Liberia War Memorial Library Insight” – VP Howard-Taylor Discloses

Liberia’s Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor has disclosed plans by her office to establish the “Liberia war memorial library” in concert with the Peace and Reconciliation Committee The library, VP Taylor said, will be used to tell the history of the country’s Civil War describing it as an important part of the peace and reconciliation processes of the country; “And it

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PUL Hails Weah Re-submission of Bill To Repeal Laws Against Free Speech to Legislature

The Press Union of Liberia is delighted to learn of President George M. Weah’s resubmission to the National Legislature a seeking “to repeal some sections of the Penal Law of Liberia in an effort to decriminalize free speech and create an unfettered media environment” in Liberia. The bill seeks to amend Chapter 11 of Penal Law of 1978, repealing Sections

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Mayor Koijee Outlines Challenges; Roll Out Plans To Keep Monrovia Clean, Save & Green

As part of his unflinching quest to make Monrovia clean, green and safe; Mayor Koijee is utilizing his international leverage to connect, seek support and place Monrovia on par with smart cities around the globe. This year’s African Capital Cities Forum which focuses on series of challenges faced by cities in Africa range from water and sanitation, climate change, Energy

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