“Liberia War Memorial Library Insight” – VP Howard-Taylor Discloses

Liberia’s Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor has disclosed plans by her office to establish the
“Liberia war memorial library” in concert with the Peace and Reconciliation Committee
The library, VP Taylor said, will be used to tell the history of the country’s Civil War describing it as an important part of the peace and reconciliation processes of the country;
“And it is also a chance for us to tell the Liberian story properly.”
The Vice President made the disclosure on Tuesday during a stopover visit at the Center for National Documents and Records Agency (CNDRA) in the Sinkor suburb of Monrovia.
She further revealed that the plan incorporates the construction of the library on a huge plot of land not too far from Monrovia and it will be a permanent place for research and site visit by not adults but also children.
“We want to have a place that is big enough where everyone (National Archives and museum) will have a place, telling the history of our country and having some of their facts on display as well,” noted the Liberian first female Vice President.
VP Taylor called on citizens to know that crisis is never the solution to any situation, adding,
“But the history of our country needs to be told and how we got into the crisis and the war needs to be clearly told our young children so we never make the same mistakes because war should never be an answer.”
She acknowledged that government has not been able to reconcile citizens and helping to tell the war history is her own way of contributing to the peace and reconciliation drive of the nation.
Liberia’s first female Vice President has meanwhile praised the Neileh Daitouah led administration for the level work since assuming the management of the agency recently.
Earlier, CNDRA Director General C. Neileh Daitouah lauded the VP for the visit and promised to house the secretariat set up to manage and ensure the establishment of the library.
He urged VP Taylor for her support to projects identified by the agency revealing plans to construct a state of the art national library in honor of President George Mr. Weah.
The National Archive Center’s Director General lauded the workforce for what he called
“The level of cooperation accorded him since taking over as Director General of the agency.
The stopover visit witness a tour of the CNDRA facility and an exhibition room set up in the annex of the building.