“Illegal mining activities contributing to suffering In Gbapolu.” Gbapolu County Senator Daniel Naatehn Discloses.

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Gbarpolu County Senator Daniel Naatehn says illegal mining activities in the county are contributing to the suffering of the people.

According to him, the county is losing millions of dollars at the hands of foreigner while the people languish in poverty.

Gbarpolu County which is located in western Liberia is endowed with natural resources with a little over 83 thousand population but yet underdeveloped.

In conversation with The Monrovia Times, Senator Nethen further questioned the role of mining agents from the Ministry of Lands Mines and Energy in the county.

He alleged that there are individuals within the Ministry of Mines who are supporting these illegal mining activities.

He wants the government to intervene and arrest the situation so as to afford the people to benefit from their natural resources.

“I thought all of the interventions we made with the past government would have yield result for the people to benefit from their natural resources but sadly none has materialized.” He explains

He asserted that there is nothing the people of Gbarpolu can boast of amidst the numerous of natural resources in the area thereby wondering if the county is cursed.

“We need roads, we need hospitals; there is no vocational school for our children who are coming out of high school. It is about time this government moves in quickly to save the poor people.” He emphasized.