Sen. Kaipay To Lobby Against Rush Passage Of Elton Finance Loan Agreement.

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Grand Bassa County Senator Jonathan Kaipay has asserted that the Elton Finance loan agreement needs to be scrutinized in the best interest of the people before passage by the Liberians Senate.
The Elton Finance loan agreement which is intended to build roads linking coastal counties was recently ratified by the House of Representative and is currently before the Senate for concurrence.
According to Senator Kaipay there are some sticky issues that need clarity from the Ministry of Finance as to where the country stands in terms of her debt burden if the money is borrowed.
He stressed that Elton Finance PTE Limited as an institution has to answer questions on their credibility in the process of lending said amount to the government of Liberia.
Speaking Thursday to The Monrovia Times the Grand Bassa County Senator promised to lobby with his fellow lawmakers not to hurriedly pass the Elton Financing loan agreement currently before them.
He said though the loan appears to be in the interest of the Liberian people if not properly fact check it may dump the country into financial crisis.
“Even though the loan when passed will be in the interest of my county; I am equally concerned about the bigger picture which is Mama Liberia.” He remarked.
Afraid of being bad mouth by political pundit, the Grand Bassa Senator noted that the Liberian Senate will ensure that their decision on the Elton Financing loan agreement will be in the interest of the poor and not counterproductive to their well being.
Meanwhile, the Liberian Senate has unanimously agreed to hold a special session on Friday so as to act upon the Elton Financing loan agreement currently before that august body.
Commenting on other issues Senator Jonathan Kaipay, however, called on Liberians to unite and move the country forward.
“I think reconciliation should be the hallmark of everything we do in our country, no matter your background or political affiliation we all belong to a big family call Liberia.”