Education Minister Rehires Teachers

Education Minister Ansu Sonii has ordered about 28 teachers dismissed during the September 2016 student protests in Margibi to be reinstated.

Over 2,500 students demonstrated in Margibi, vandalizing properties and blocking major highways, in an attempt to claim government’s attention over the absence of teachers in their classrooms.

The students mostly came from the Harbel Multilateral High School, Robert Stanley Caulfield High School, Dolo Town, Peter Town and RIA Public schools.

The students’ protests were brought about by a strike by the National Teachers Association of Liberia. The public school teachers demanded the dismissal or resignation of former Education Minister George Werner and the Superintendent of the Monrovia Consolidated School System, Adolphus Benjamin Jacobs.

NTAL claimed that the two officials violated the constitution, the Revised Education Law of 2011, and the 1964/1965 Act that created the MCSS.

Several groups, including the MCSS Teachers Association, Concerned University Students of the Ministry of Education Local Scholarship Program, National Health Workers Association of Liberia, and the Consolidated Human Rights Advocacy Movement also signed a resolution supporting the teachers’ action.


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