Rep. Attoh To Launch Women Empowerment Fund Drive In Kakata – Dedicates Modern Palava Hut

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In her quest to build up the capacity of what she termed as business-minded women in her constituency, Margibi electoral District #3 Representative Ellen A. Attoh will on Saturday, June 16, 2018 launch a women empowerment fund drive in Kakata Margibi County.

The Lawmaker over the weekend told reporters that the fund drive is intended to empower rural women and make them self-reliance in her District indicating,

‘I know that my people are not beggars but the situation has turned them to be beggars’.

Hon. Attoh intoned that she does not want people going to her every day asking her to help solve petite-petite problems as such; she wants to empower the women to enable them solved minor problems than she will come in interns of major cases.

According to the Representative, she monitors the activities of the women to the extent that she was part of it and she knows exactly what they go through.

“I woke up the other morning by 4:0’Clock a.m. and I was out with them and we walked through the dark, we reach to the Police Station and I know what they go through you won’t believe there is something they call partnership I don’t know whether you people are aware; they call it partners where four-five women joining just to buy a carton of pigtail that cost L$1,600” she explained.

She averred that based on the fund that will be raised and her own contribution will determine the number of women that will be empowered, expressing hope of raising ten to fifteen thousand United States dollars looking at the kind of people she extended the invitation to.

Hon. Attoh pointed out that she invited some of her colleagues from the National Legislature, eminent people in and out of Margibi and people who inbox her on social media expressing their willingness to support the initiative.

The Margibi Lawmaker said she intends to empower her people throughout her life but not for them to continue begging people throughout their life and that’s why she wants to empower the women through which they will be empowered on their own.

She said the empowerment is not a free money that will be dash away and equally so it is not a money that will be paid back but the recipients will be monitored so that they can save something and at the end of the day other people can be empowered or make it rotational.

Attoh indicated that she wants to see her people moving forward with their lives and it is not her desire to see them at the same spot and see them begging all the time but she wants to see them and be proud that under her administration she was able to help somebody. People who are business minded will be recipients of the empowerment scheme.

In another development, Hon. Attoh has dedicated and turned over a modern palava hut to residents of Wenneh Town Community District #3.

The Representative said the project is in fulfillment of one of her campaign promises she made to her people during the 2017 general and presidential elections as was also requested by them.

She also said months back, she asked the Wenneh Town Community residents to give her their support and they in return asked her to do a couple of things for them but she informed the people that not everything they asked will be done, except the immediate ones with the consent of the Community members.

Hon. Attoh said the issues of safe drinking water and palava hut were amongst the issues raised by the citizens and about three weeks ago a pipe-borne water was provided by the Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation through her initiative and it has been followed by the Palava hut.

She then thanked the Wenneh Town Community residents for trusting and electing her as their Representative promised to work with them.

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