For Breaching Liberian Constitution; Opposition Wants VP Jewel Howard-Taylor Brought To Task.

Three opposition collaborating parties in Liberia have accused Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor of breaching the Liberian Constitution.

The Opposition Political Parties include Liberty Party, Unity Party, and the Alternative National Congress.

The parties in their first statement to the public days after forming a collaboration accused Vice President Taylor of threatening to dismiss Commissioners in Bong County who are not CDCians.

A statement read by the Alternative National Congress Chairman Orishall Gould Monday noted that the call violates Article 18 of the 1986 constitution which gives every individual the right to political affiliation.

Gould on behalf of the collaborating parties also recounted the replacement of public officials for no cause outside the legal framework.

According to the opposition parties, those replaced were serving tenure positions which have not ended.

They added that the constitutional breach has the propensity to foster more division in the country.

Gould in the statement, however, called on the government to adhere to the organic laws of the country.


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