Liberia Needs True Patriots, Not Tourist.. Presidential Press Secretary Sam Mannah Lashes Out At ANC Alexander Cummings


Presidential Press Secretary Sam Mannah held no filters in his response to ANC Standards Bearer Alexander Cummings on Wednesday.

The tough talking secretary said it is time the ANC political leader realized that governance is different from selling a bottle of coke.

“While this is wishful thinking on the part of Mr. Cummings, I wish to inform him that governance is quite different from selling a bottle of Coke.”

Secretary Manneh in a release posted on the Executive Mansion Website said the regurgitation of nothingness being proffered by the Leader of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), Mr. Alexander B. Cummings is quite astonishing, owing that Cummings is failed politician who only came to the limelight a fortnight ago to pursue his desire to lead a nation he abandoned during its dark days would pretend to love it the most; to insinuate that he has the solution to its problems. What’s amusing the most, is that he has the audacity to accuse the President, George Manneh Weah of making questionable decisions, even going to the extent to suggest that the country is doomed for failure.

Secretary Manneh said Mr.Cummings should realize that governance is about putting the right mechanisms in place to ensure that the needs of the citizenry are addressed; something he said that the President has done and continues to do since his inauguration five months ago.

“I cannot emphasize enough how committed the President is to bring about total transformation to the lives of the Liberian people, which is why he has put measures into place to stabilize and jumpstart the economy, embarked on a robust road construction initiative to finally address the major road deficit we have been plagued with for decades, as well as focus on delivering tangibles for the Liberian people through the implementation of several impact driven pro-poor initiatives.”

The ANC Standard Bearer recently attributed that he doubt the ability of the Weah Administration to succeed claiming that the President doesn’t seems to have a strategy to govern.

“I don’t understand whether the CDC understands the enormity of what they have taken on. We wish them well but we have no level of optimism. So far, there is no assurance that the future will be good. We are not optimistic at all,” Mr.Cummings said.

According to the ANC leader most countries, especially the

“ones we all admire and want to emulate, are led by their best and brightest people but unfortunately, the case is different here.” But he told scores of Rotarians who had gathered, “Let us not give up on this Country.”

But Secretary Manneh reminded the ANC Leader that

“delivering for the people you have lived with and known for the past five decades doesn’t require a strategy, but provision of their basic needs and wants. This is something our President has been doing, unlike Mr. Cummings who will need a strategy because he doesn’t understand the plight of the Liberian people, owing to his protracted absence from the Country, and as such lacks proper understanding of the issues confronting the average Liberian.”

He concluded that with all the strategies Mr. Cummings put forth during the just ended elections, he and his party was massively rejected by the Liberian people and his party was not able to win a single legislative seat.

“Gone are the days when we will have people use Liberia as a retirement farm. Lest he is unaware, Liberians need true patriots, not tourists.”

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