Rep. Goshua Wants Referral Hospital In District #5 Grand Bassa County


Grand Bassa County District #5 representative, Thomas Goshua has written plenary over the need to construct a referral health center in district #5, Grand Bassa County to ease the health needs of citizens of his district. District #5 is very large in land space with over thirty-five thousand (35,000) inhabitants.

The lawmaker called was contained in a communication to speaker Chambers on June 12, 2018, and read during Tuesday’s session.

Grand Bassa County is one of Liberia’s most populated counties and also lack basic roads, healthcare as well as infrastructure.

According to the communication, Rep. Goshua complained of the lack of basic health center in the district, which he said, is a growing health threat under which his constituents have lived with for years and as well as the danger it poses to other nearby districts and the country at large.

He averred that a clinic is being run by LIBINC Oil Palm Concession in the entire district and it caters to workers of the company, leaving the rest of the citizenry vulnerable to diseases that have the propensity to claim lives.

“The LIBINC’s Clinic does not have the capacity to fully meet the needs of its employees and would not also meet the needs of others which makes it difficult for people in that region to access good healthcare”, he stated.

Rep. Goshua ponders over the long distance citizens of his district have to travel to access safe and good health care, which sometimes is impossible for the commoners who depend solely on farms for survival to make their way Buchanan.

“For my constituents to access health care they have to travel miles to Buchanan city and many have lost their lives in such case”, the communication added.

Rep Goshua fears that if nothing is done immediately for citizens of his district and disease outbreak emerge the death toll would be alarming and getting the response from health center would be also difficult.

He believes that the commissioning of a referral health center in district #5 grand Bassa County will restore a sense of dignity into people and eradicate the cloud of fear of death from curable diseases and help surrounding districts.

“Hon Speaker and Distinguished colleagues, in the spirit of executing the president’s Pro-Poor agenda, we remain confident that this will resonate with you as it seeks to protect the poor and give them a life worth living”, the communication ended.

Rep Goshua communication was read and send to the committees on health, and ways, Means and finance to report in two weeks.



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