“Unprecedented” National Imam Council of Liberia Extolled Pres. Weah for Recognition

Local News

The National Imam Council of Liberia has described as unprecedented the gesture of President Weah to allow a day off on Ramadan for Muslims in the country.

The day off on Ramadan which has been a long-standing anticipation by Muslims comes barely days to the climax of the Holy month.

The Chief Imam of Liberia Ali Krayee also noted that the erection of billboards conveying Islamic greetings and the provision of security for Muslims at various mosque coupled with other donations by the Liberian leader to the Muslim community demonstrates his government’s commitment to religious tolerance.

In conversation with a team of reporters Tuesday, Imam Krayee intimated that the Weah-Taylor administration’s level of recognition and respect showed so far to the Muslim community is commendable.

The Chief Imam of Liberia has at the same time expressed gratitude to the Acting Managing Director of the National Port Authority for identifying with the imam council of Liberia.

According to him, Madam Cecilia Cuffy Brown’s gesture will be used to assist imams in the various counties as they prepare to climax the Holy month.

Ramadan in Islam is the ninth month of the Muslim calendar and the Holy Month of fasting. It begins and ends with the appearance of the new moon.

Muslims in Liberia is expected to climax the Holy Month of Ramadan on Friday of this week.

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