“I Was Not Denied Entry To Russia” Shannon Refutes Report..


Former Liberia Football Association (LFA) Vice President for Administration Musa Shannon has hit back at critics that he was denied entry to Russia, buy Russian and Fifa authorities to attend the 68th FIFA Congress.

Musa Shannon speaking Wednesday to the Liberia Soccer Show Program ( on ELBC Midweek Football Show) said report and speculations in the corridors of Liberian Football about him been refused entry to Russia are untrue.

According to Shannon, he did not travel to Russia after missing his flight last Friday. He said,
“After missing my flight, and while we tried to rearrange my trip from Ghana to Russia, I had a conversation with the LFA President and we agreed that I stay out of the trip”.

He added that it was for the good of Liberian Football that he did not attend the congress. However, there are some indications that Shannon stayed away from the Congress due to the pressure from Football Stakeholders recently.

Musa Shannon was to attend the FIFA 68th Congress in Russia alongside, Musa Bility and Sekou Konneh on the Liberian delegation but was not seen in Russia.

Report and speculations in Liberia had it that Shannon was denied entry to Russia, other information said he was refused Russian visa in Ghana because he was no longer an executive of Liberian Football.

The former Liberian International, however, said he was given a visa, but choose to withdraw from the Liberian Delegation to the Congress because of situations in Liberian football.

Shannon’s name was submitted to the World Governing Body of Football FIFA as one of three representatives to the FIFA congress by Musa Bility.
But his inclusion became a talk of the town, after FIFA last week said it recognized Sekou Konneh as Vice President for Administration for the LFA.

Football stakeholders including Sekou Konneh called for his replacement just before that FIFA statement arrived in Liberia.

Shannon told the ELBC Radio, Liberia Soccer Show Program Wednesday, that he’s not in the United States as been speculated by his opponents, but he’s in Europe on business issues.
Mr. Shannon said,
“I’m currently holding discussions in Amsterdam, Holland with an expectancy to generate additional and a more positive return for Liberian Football and not in the U.S”.

A statement from Shannon’s supporters also refuted the report and said their man was in Europe and will shortly return to Liberia.

Their statement said
“We want to categorically dismiss every insinuation and negativity purported to mislead the Liberian populace regarding Shannon’s withdrawal from the FIFA Congress. While we respect the views of individuals, it must be stated clearly that withdrawing from the FIFA Congress was done in good fate and has in no way hamper Shannon’s chances for the LFA’s Presidency”.

The statement further added,
“We also want to describe rumor being circulated by some unscrupulous individuals that the World Football Body made an alteration to Liberia’s delegation as incorrect and misleading. We are of the strongest believe that such fallacy has been manufactured by some detractors with the sole objective to tarnish the professional reputation of Candidate Musa Shannon”.

The Ex-LFA First Vice President has meanwhile commended the USA, Canada, and Mexico for winning the FIFA 2026 World Cup bid.

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