Regional Labor Commissioner Warns Concessionaires, Others Against Labor Laws Violation

County News

The Regional Labor Commissioner responsible for Margibi, Grand Bassa, and River Cess has warned Concessionaires in his operational area to avoid violating the Labor Laws of Liberia.

Mr. S. Roye Brown in an interview with The Monrovia Times said violators of the Liberian Labor Laws will be fined accordingly urging employers of various Concession Companies and other private entities to live by such Laws.

According to him, the Ministry of Labor was created by an Act of the National Legislature with specific mandates, one of which is to ensure that Companies and individuals that employ people work in line with such Laws and effectuate changes that will have a direct impact on the lives of those who work with them.

He noted that already, they have started encouraging the management of various Companies to pay their employees according to the decent work act of Liberia.

Roye Brown further stated that his leadership is, on the other hand, intending to also create awareness on the Labor Laws of the Country in line with the decent work act especially the one that has direct application to all of those in the formal employment sector.

He said Margibi County is no exception to the gross Labor malpractices across Liberia and as such, they as officials of the Ministry of Labor in this sector must be able to guard their people on the procedure of employment, what they will gain immediately after employment, what are they going to be compensated for and how they can be compensated among others.

The Regional Labor Commissioner said his office and the office of the County Labor Commissioner of Margibi have started having a discussion with the management of some concessions in the County including Firestone and the Salala Rubber Corporation (SRC) among many others.

He averred that they have asked a rock crushing company in Lower Margibi to create an environment that is conducive for employees and build an employee-employer relationship in order to mitigate the issue of cases arising from those various Companies even though no one is free of problems.

“If the management of those various Companies built those relationships with their employees, you will see that their employees will be happy” he added.

Mr. Browne said one of the areas they are emphasizing on is for employees of the various Companies to take ownership of those Companies because by that they will protect themselves and the Companies.
He promised to constantly engage employees of every Company in order to know their problem.

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