‘Vicious’ Security Gap -As Liberia Ranked Among The Least Safe Countries In The World

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A 2017-2018 survey conducted by the annual Gallup Global Law and Order group has ranked Liberia as the third most unsafe country on planet earth.

According to the survey which was published on Wednesday, June 13, 2018, Singapore is ranked as the safest place in the world while Liberia, Venezuela, South Sudan, Afghanistan, and Gabon are ranked as the most unsafe place to be on the planet.

The group also named Norway, Iceland, Finland and Uzbekistan as some of the world safest nations.

In a BBC interview, the head of Gallup group Jon Clifton said their survey was based on questions asked:

“if people felt safe walking at night and whether they had been victims of crime.”

Gallup says it interviewed 148,000 adults in 142 countries and areas for its survey.

Its questions revolved around confidence in local police, safety at night, cases of theft and whether participants or a family member had been mugged or assaulted within the past 12 months.

In Afghanistan (46%), Uganda (49%) and South Sudan (50%) residents were more likely than lowest ranked Venezuelan to say they had been the victims of theft in the past year.

Across sub-Saharan Africa, just 60% of people polled told Gallup they were confident in the local police force, rising to 68% across North Africa and the Middle East.

Rwanda scored highest on the continent when it came to safety at night, with 88% of people saying they would be happy to walk about after dark.

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