Koijee Launches Campaign Against Street Selling -Promises To Build ‘Huge’ Market Structure

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The City Mayor of Monrovia Jefferson T. Koijee Wednesday, June 14, 2018, stormed the streets of Monrovia with a vigorous campaign against street selling.

Mayor Koijee who was flanked by some employees of the Monrovia City Corporation (MCC) and members of the Federation of Petty Traders and Informal Workers Union of Liberia (FEPTIWUL) said, the MCC and FEPTIWUL have embarked on series of activities geared towards regulating street selling in the city of Monrovia.

According to the Mayor, Monrovia can be one of the most beautiful and cleanest cities in Africa if its inhabitants are willing to accept the necessary change the city deserves.

He noted that continuous street selling at major streets in Monrovia is a challenge affecting the MCC beautification policy with specific emphasis on City Ordinance.

He assured petty traders that they will not be removed from the streets without finding a perfect place for them to earn their living.
Mayor Koijee noted that the MCC has succeeded with the help of President George M. Weah to identify a place with the funding available to construct a huge market building where all petty traders will be relocated.

The MCC boss added that the public should rest assured that the Monrovia City Corporation under his leadership is determined to utilize the method of peaceful dialogue and constructive engagement to solve the problem of the unregulated street selling that has always challenged the city.

He also called on Petty Traders to see the Monrovia City Police as a professional force which will no longer be involved with the seizure of their goods as was done in the past.

Mayor Koijee is also expected to host a general meeting with all street vendors and the FEPTIWUL leadership on Sunday, June 17, 2018 beginning 2:00 PM.
The Wednesday’s street selling awareness followed series of engagements with Petty Traders’ Unions within the City Limit.

The engagements, amongst other things, focused on how the City Government and the Petty Traders’ Unions can collaborate to find a remedy to the increasing street selling in Monrovia and its surrounding areas.

They told Authority of the Corporation that in the absence of space, removing street peddlers is difficult.

They have promised to help the City Government peacefully remove street peddlers from streets if there are specific locations for their daily selling.
At the end of these engagements, both the Monrovia City Government and Petty Traders’ Unions will sign a Memorandum of understanding and terms in the MOU will be fully implemented.

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