Monrovia City Mayor ‘Survives’ Tragic Motor Accident


The City Mayor of Monrovia, Jefferson T. Koijee has reportedly survived a tragic motor accident.

According to MCC Communication Director, Pekeleh Gbuapaye the sad incident happened on Saturday, June 16, 2018, along with the Totota, Bong County Highway.

He said though there were four other persons that were on board the vehicle with the mayor, no bodily harm is associated with the incident.

The MCC Communication Director revealed that it was only the vehicle of the City Mayor that accidentally ran off the road causing serious damage to the car.

“The Mayor is well and strong and we thank God there were no casualties. Except for the vehicle that was coming from the Nimba route (opposite direction) whose passengers (2 persons) experienced minor injuries and was rushed to the hospital on the request of the Mayor,” the MCC Communication Director told The Monrovia TImes via telephone Sunday.

He said those passengers that suffer minor injuries have all been discharged from the John F. Kennedy Medical Center and is carrying on their normal activities.

Though the MCC Communication Director has confirmed that Mayor Koijee is in good health and is currently in Monrovia, social media has gone wide over the reported accident of the Monrovia City Mayor.

Critics of the government have taken to Facebook to sarcastically wish the Mayor speedy recovery while others have associated the incident with drunk driving.

Hassan Fadiga a regular critic of the Weah led government posted in the famous Darius Dillion platform on Facebook:

“The young and inept city Mayor of Monrovia allegedly ran off the road with the MCC issued vehicle on the Totota, Bong highway. According to multiple sources, the accident was due to reckless drunk driving. It is also alleged that the villagers looted the truck and took away US$22,000.00. While the masses languished in abject poverty the mayor is living lavishly. He wrecked a US$85,000.00 truck. Interestingly, Uncle Pro-poor is going to replace the mayor’s vehicle without a reprimand…”

Another critic, David G. Foday posted:”Even if the Mayor does not drink, when you are immature and handle a responsibility that is bigger than you, the excitement will overwhelm you that is what happened to the Mayor; Mr. Mayor please be careful.”

When quizzed about the comments on Facebook, The MCC communications director termed the assertation as “envious and disingenuous” on the part of those individuals. He noted for the record that Mayor Jefferson Koiji does not drink acholic substances nor does he smoke cigarettes or any substance for that matter.

“People are free to make whatever comments they want on facebook, but only ignorant individuals make assumptions and accusations without all the facts. Just so you know, the Mayor does not drink alcohol or smoke any substance for that matter. There is an ongoing investigation and we are sure the police will publish their findings, until then, we are not in the business of giving people undue relevance.” the communication director said.

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