Over 37, 000 Infested With HIV In Liberia As Gays, Lesbians & Drug Addicts Tops Infested Percentage

The United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS or UNAIDS has released a damning report on the increasing wave of HIV/AID in Liberia.

UNAIDS is leading the global effort to end AIDS as a public health threat by 2030 as part of the Sustainable Development Goals.
UNAIDS Country Director, Madam Miriam Chipimo said currently, there are more than thirty-seven thousand people (37,000) living with HIV/AIDS in Liberia and only fourteen thousand (14,000) persons are being aware of their status.

The UN Special Representative on HIV/AIDS said about 1,200 HIV/AIDS cases are reported every year across Liberia.

She said one of the key population most affected by the HIV in Liberia are the homosexuals.
According to her, Gay men and lesbians, have an HIV prevalence rate of 19.8%, and people who inject drugs, have an HIV prevalence rate of 3.9%.

Madam Chipimo stressed the need for the Government of Liberia to invest in the provision of surveillance drugs (antiretroviral therapy) to victims of the virus.

She spoke at a daylong National Stakeholders Consultative Dialogue on the role of the church in the health sector in Monrovia over the weekend.

The event was organized by the Liberia Council of Churches.

Making remarks, the Secretary-General of the Liberia Council of Churches or LCC, Rev. Christopher Toe said the only way the Council can successfully contribute to the country’s health sector is through proper coordination and an engagement between stakeholders and the LCC.

Rev. Toe however outlined among several challenges faced by the LCC, lack of funding, manpower, medical equipment, and facilities as impediments to the effectiveness and sustainability of adequate health care delivery services.

The daylong stakeholders meeting brought together members and executives of the Liberia Council of Churches as well as officials of the UN including the UNAIDS and other national and international organizations.


  • After reading this story I was shocked to learn that according to your source “the key population most affected by the HIV in Liberia are the homosexuals. According to her, Gay men and lesbians..” Why was lesbian mentioned? For a factcheck, UNAIDS did not mentioned lesbians as one of the population being affected with HIV and AIDS in Libeira. The information provided by your source is inaccurate.
    By generalizing that the “key population most affected by the HIV in Liberia are the homosexuals”, has the potential to stigmatize the entire LGBTQ community.

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    • The Monrovia Times

      Henry Ross, here is is quote from the UN site you posted “One of the key populations most affected by HIV in Liberia are:

      Gay men and other men who have sex with men, with an HIV prevalence of 19.8%.
      People who inject drugs, with an HIV prevalence of 3.9%.”

      Now if you read to comprehend you probably would have understood the percentage involve but to come here and discredit our story while lifting another story is sad on you part. I will have to remove your second comment, no apologies.


    • I agree with your assessment and comments about lesbianism in Liberia. I wonder who assessed the number of lesbians in Liberia and much more their affiliation with the HIV, AIDS virus? I would love to know; and to be factual, I doubt if any past or present government has ever made this assessment, as I don’t even think that they have ever cared for the people they, the government have served. In Liberia today and during the past governments the Liberian government has allowed “fake” drugs into the country. These nasty, fake placebos are on the markets all over coming from criminals in Nigeria, India and off course China. These governments did and continue to allow pieces of starchy products, with names from other notable countries like “Amoxicillin”, etc. Fact is and continues to be that Liberia’s government is not qualified to make such assessments; instead more of stealing from their citizens.


  • Wrt the headline of this article, people with HIV are not ‘infested’ with it; the correct terminology is ‘infected’.

    Also, wrt the statistics, some of the key populations most affected by HIV in Liberia are gay men and other men who have sex with men (with an HIV prevalence of 19.8%) and also those people who inject drugs (with an HIV prevalence of 3.9%). So those two groups account for only 23.7%…. which conversely means that 76.3% of other people similarly infected with HIV in Liberia are NOT either homosexual men and / or injecting drug users, but they would be classified as heterosexual (straight) non-drug-injecting people.


  • It’s alarming for country with a population of 4.7 million people 😮 the government with the UNAID needs to work on mortality to tackling this AIV/AIDS problem so it can’t spread more than this and also engage the youth on the abuse of drugs.


  • Was her facts specific to Liberia? Do we have any reliable data on gay relationships in Liberia?
    Dumb report!


    • How did they even get that number? I am almost sure that there are more people than the number listed. They need to start with all the government officials, health care workers, pastors, school teachers, all those raping those little girls and those children need to be checked. It’s sad as a former Hiv worker and someone has vested interest in n Liberia I am involved with many of the little girls called chick prostitutes. Also, some of the women who confide in tell me it’s some big man who infected them. Therefore let them get their information straight


      • Agnes, indeed and to reiterate what I alluded to above, i.e. that (if one believes the statistics) 76% of people infected with HIV in Liberia are NOT classified either as homosexual men and / or injecting drug users but, moreover, they would be classified as non-drug-injecting heterosexuals (i.e. straight people), some of whom happen to be (so called) ‘big men’ whom use their wealth & position to disgracefully abuse people whom are in desperate straights.


  • Edwina K. Ozoba

    Can a person with this virus be help? If he or she is willing to share their status with others? Like having a volunteer job or so on?


    • I had volunteered my time with some of the ministries, but they are afraid of losing their gravy while peoples lives are at stake


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