Rural Women Empowerment Fund Drive Launched In Margibi

Local News

A rural women fund drive intended to empower several rural women in District #3 Margibi County was for the first time launched by the District Representative Ellen A. Attoh.

The lone female Representative of Margibi county said she was humbled and proud to the one undertaking an initiative that will empower many women and young girls that are in desperate need of a window of opportunity

“Today is June 16, 2018, is a day of providing hope for hundreds of women that stand as the breadwinner for their families” she narrated.

The Lawmaker stated that during the 2017/2018 campaign period, after the elections’ result was announced and even now; the message she continued to hear is the need for women empowerment.

She noted that as a mother, she feels the plight of the women stating,

‘there are many days that I want to cry because I share your pains; there are many days that I know exactly what is going on because your stories are similar to mine’.

Rep. Attoh explained that she can help change the story in the lives of the women as she did in the life of a lady identified as Martha who empowered herself by what she received from her (Rep. Attoh).

According to Hon. Attoh, she knows that the rural women are not lazy people and that they are not beggars but it is the conditions that have turned them into beggars, something she said she goes through it whenever she is in the District and she cannot continue within her six years of service.

The Representative at the same time informed her partners of the need to empower the rural women through which their lives will not remain the same and their children will go to school.

She averred that if the women are empowered, people will not take advantage of them and the younger ones will not go astray only because they want help. Hon. Attoh, on the other hand, urged the rural women to remain strong and focus.

She also thanked Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor and her Partners for the support they have been giving her.

For her part, the head of rural women structure in Margibi County, Janka Clarke said it was not their expectation that Hon. Attoh would have held program of such for them as rural women, terming it as being the first of its kind in the County.

She thanked the Lawmaker for the initiative and said, Hon. Attoh is always with them and she is their mother by virtue of her position as Representative.

Meanwhile, several individuals including Lawmakers of Margibi and Bong Counties, local County officials, the Vice President of Liberia and partners to Hon. Attoh graced the occasion with some donating US$1,000 and others pledging L$100,000 to LS$200,000 respectively.

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