Ex-Employees Demand Removal of LRA Commissioner General

Some aggrieved former employees of the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) early yesterday assembled in front of the Foreign Ministry on Capitol Hill in Monrovia, calling for the replacement of LRA Commissioner General, Madam Elfreda S. Tamba.

The Foreign Ministry plays host to the offices of President George Manneh Weah.

According to the head of the group, Samuel Richard Harmon, the tenure of Madam Elfrieda Stewart Tamba will end this month, (June 2018) and as such, President George Weah needs to have her replaced so as to give the LRA a “good image.”

He alleges that the Management of LRA illegally and unjustifiably dismissed over 60 of its employees early this year.

The aggrieved LRA employees, most of whom are females said they will not sleep or rest until the matter is fully addressed. They called for the immediate intervention of President George Weah.

One of the former employees of LRA, James Holder, said it is about time for Madam Tamba leave from LRA.

Asked why Madam Tamba should leave, he responded that

“Another qualified Liberian should be appointed to the post to also contribute his/her quota to the development of the country.”

Holder claims Madam Elfrieda Stewart Tamba was appointed June 14, 2014, by former president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and June 14, 2018, makes it four years now.


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