NUCFDC Highlight Capacity Building For Affected Communities Of Commercial Logging

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As part of efforts to sustain, educate and monitor commercial logging activities in Liberia, the National Union of Community Forestry Development Committee (NUCFDC), has officially launched a rigorous capacity building project aimed at equipping affected logging communities across the country.

The project, which is titled “Tracking Progress: Strengthening Community Capacity to monitor benefits from commercial logging in Liberia” is being funded by the FAO EU FLEGT Program and is expected to cover eleven counties in the country.

Speaking at the launched of the project Tuesday, June 19, 2018 at the Shad Keydea Board Room in the Forestry Development Authority (FDA) compound which is located in Wein Town, outside Monrovia, NUCFDC Project Team Leader, Andrew Y.Y. Zelemen said the project is intended to help local Community Forestry Development Committees (CFDCs) in facilitating their efforts in the strengthening of effective monitoring.

He said as part of the one year project, the NUCFDC will strengthen the capacity of CFDCs in financial and project management as well as provide technical skills on monitoring forest operations and production places in fifteen operational arrears.

The NUCFDC Project Team Leader who made his case through a PowerPoint presentation provided three indicators, which he said, when implemented, the project will be branded as “very successful.”

“Indicator 1.1: 15 Social Agreement Implementation plans and monitoring protocols operational. Indicator 1.2: At least 30 CFDC members from 15 CDFDCs trained on the use of the SA implementation plan. Indicator 2.1: 46 representatives of CFDCs (at least 40% women) trained on financial and project management. Indicator 3.1: All target 15 CFDCs are able to monitor forest production in their respective arrears. Indicator 3.2: At least 2 forest production monitoring reports produced by the 15 CFDCs per year. Indicator 3.3: 30 CFDCs members trained (at least 40% women) in forest operations and production monitoring),” the NUCFDC Project Team Leader PowerPoint slide indicated.

Meanwhile, speaking on behalf of the Government of Liberia, the Technical Manager of the Forestry Development Authority Commercial Department, Jerry G. Yomah thanked the leadership of NUCFDC for undertaking such initiative, stating that it is in the best interest of the country forest sector.

According to the FDA Technical Manager who proxy for his boss C. Mike Doryen, the project will not only benefit affected logging communities in Liberia it will also help enlighten CFDC membership on developing guidelines and tools for monitoring implementation of social agreements.

“I’m so overwhelmed for such a project to be launch today. And I am deeply sorry that our Managing Director is not in our midst. The reason for his absence is that we are being pushed by the central government to carry out certain function and so most of our top staffs left the office early this morning to meet up with this obligation,” he accentuated.

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