Principal Unveils Vision For BWI

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The Principal of the Booker T. Washington Institute (BWI), Harris Fomba Tarnue has unveiled his vision for the Institution for the next two to three years ahead.

Atty. Tarnue in an interview with newsmen at his office recently said he has five points along which he wants to see BWI move.

The Principal said point one is for him to ensure that BWI has a strong human resource base because no Institution grows or develops if it doesn’t have a strong staff, strong instructors and competent people to run it.

The BWI Chief Executive Officer disclosed that the second area his administration needs to look at is the existing infrastructure that is in place, such as the dormitories, school building, and the different facilities in order to have them maintain to an appreciable standard and extend them beyond the current level.

He said as the BWI administration extends the various facilities, it has to also create access on grounds that more young people want to get education training in the Institution but it cannot be done with the same facilities that have existed for years, expressing the need for the existing ones to be strengthened as well.

Atty. Tarnue indicated that the administration is not only looking at human resource development and infrastructure but rather looking at new technology within the infrastructure sector because training in Auto-mechanic, electricity, and electronics have become like one area of training.

Harris Fomba Tarnue narrated that the third area he wants is to see BWI move in two to three years to come and to continue looking for more funding to operate the school because technical schools are very expensive as the result of the high cost of equipment in the trade shops.

The Principal averred that during the education summit, he recommended the need for the creation of regional technical schools in Liberia as it is not doable to have technical school in every County because the money won’t be available but called for the various Multilateral High Schools and BWI to be strengthened.

He argued that vocational schools must become enterprising Institutions in that some trade shops like the masonry go into block production and selling them or building houses for people while the carpentry department should go into furniture production to be able to raise revenue.

The Principal further intones that his fifth point is to see BWI becomes a technical college in Liberia because that is a missing link that was missed after the death of President William R. Tolbert.

He said the former Liberian President created the various Multilateral High Schools including the Vonjiman Multilateral high school, Sinoe Multilateral high school, Zwedru Multilateral high school, the Harbel Multilateral high school and the existing of BWI with the plan of having a strong vocational program in Liberia like other Countries but there is a missing link.

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