Jackson F. Doe Needs Funding For Neuron Surgical Unit


The Acting Chief Administrator of the Jackson F. Doe Hospital has hankered the indulgence of the joint budget committee of the Liberian Legislature to consider increment of its budget for the establishment of a Neurosurgeon Unit.

The call comes in the wake of limited budgetary support to the only referral hospital in north-eastern Liberia to cater to several needs of Liberians ranging from CT scan, numerous surgeries etc.

The hospital currently runs 24-hour services to Liberians across the country, in which they operate a diesel generator.

According to Dr. Gonkarnue Nuahn, there is a need for the government to adequately support the hospital budget in order to adequately serve the needs of the Liberian people.

“ We are tire of sending patients to Ghana, India and other places now that we have all of the different specialists in Liberia the unit needs to be established and functional”, Dr. Nuahn noted.

He made the call during the Joint Budget Committee hearing of the Liberian Legislature on Tuesday.

Jackson F. Doe Hospital

Dr. Nuahn stated that the hospital 2017/2018 budget of 2.8 million is inadequate to address the health needs of the people adding that additional funding is needed to brief up the strength of the facility.

“We only need the funding and resources to set up the place where we can work and our Liberian People can benefit” He Averred.

The year, the proposed budget for the hospital stands at 3 million United States dollars for its running and maintenance, which will include goods and services as well as salaries for staff.

Dr. Nuahn explained that the hospital is currently challenged with electricity in which it is running a generator for its 24-hour services to the people.

“We cannot continuously run the generator day and night without getting a reliable power source that will ease the tension and stress of getting fuel from Monrovia to Tappita which is difficult during rainy season due to bad roads”.
We are asking the government to help us with additional money to source a transformer that will connect us to the West Africa Power pool electricity which is currently in Tappita”, he stressed.

The West African Power Pool is a cross-border electricity project that is intended to supply bordering countries under the project.
Dr. Nuahn disclosed that the hospital needs additional $72,600.00 for the Neuron Surgical Unit establishment which includes equipment, and personnel to run the unit.

“We are happy that Dr. John who is a Neurosurgeon has returned to the country to give back through his area of specialty and a lot more Doctors are here to help at the Hospital”, he pointed out.

Dr. John and other Doctors arrived in the country to contribute to the health sector of the country in order to save lives in complicated situations.

Dr. Nuahn disclosed that out of 2.8Million dollars of the 2017/2018 budget, 2.6 million was allotted and 1.93 million was used on goods and services while 95,000 was on consumption capital; of which 2.4 million has been disbursed so far. He indicated that there is a variance of 26,440USD.

He hopes that the Joint Budget committee will see reasons to address the national health issues by allocating more funding to the referral hospital.
Responding further, the joint budget committee co-chair, Nimba County District #1 Rep Jeremiah Koon indicated that the requests of the hospital are genuine and craved the indulgence of his colleagues to make possible allotments for the hospital. Rep. Koon lauded the efforts of the Jackson F Doe Memorial Hospital team for the work over the period.

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