LFA Executives Make New Amendment To 2017 Amended Statutes.


Liberia Football Executive Committee members have made several changes to the current LFA Statutes in keeping with a FIFA mandate.
According to report, nine of the recently elected Executive Committee members voted to make amendments to the local FA statutes at an Executive Committee sitting.

The amended constitution has been sent to Zurich for FIFA to review and make a determination about the new Liberian football law.

Several of those controversial provisions within the football constitution were removed.

Article 58 section one of the LFA statutes which states candidates for the post of President, and the two vice presidents shall have a minimum qualification of a bachelor degree was scratched off with the new executives agreeing for high school diploma to be a minimum qualification.

A fixed amount for candidate registrations for future football election was also inserted in the new constitution.
If this law is passed, individuals aspiring for the LFA Presidency will have to pay a none-refundable fee of one thousand United States dollars ($1,000.00USD), while seven hundred fifty U.S dollars ($750.00USD) will be charge candidates vying for the two Vice President positions, and Executive Committee Members will have to pay five hundred US dollars ($500.00USD).

The LFA Statutes which was amended December 2017 sparked lots of controversies after the April 14, 2018 Football elections, which saw the Civil Law Court placing an injunction on the Presidential runoff between Mustapha Raji and Musa Shannon.

These controversies drew the attention of FIFA who send a special team to Liberia to probe the conflict in Liberian Football.

Following their visit, FIFA ordered a fresh review of the LFA Law, and at the same time ordered a new election for the LFA Presidency.

The new document was sent to FIFA June 17, 2018, after nine newly elected executive committee members voted to the changes. Wilmot Smith, Vice President for Operations chaired the Executive Committee Meeting while serving as acting president of the LFA in the absence of President Musa Bility and First Vice President Sekou Konneh both of whom were representing Liberia at the Russia FIFA Congress.

When accepted, FIFA will then send the revisited Statutes to the Liberia Football Association (LFA) who will then call an extra-ordinary Congress for local stakeholders to agree to the new amendment.

Following that, a date will then be set for election for the LFA President.

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