Motivational Speaker Reverend Luther Tarpeh Blasts Government For Taking Liberians For Granted.

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Motivational Speaker, Rev. Luther Tarpeh says the government is taking the people of Liberia for granted while describing the current economic situation in the country as a crisis.

Rev. Tarpeh said any serious government would inform its citizens on critical matters of uncertainty.

According to him, the prices of major commodities have skyrocketed, and hunger has intensified among the larger population to the extent that it has become unbearable.

He said instead of defending the president, the Ministry of Information Cultural Affairs and Tourism should be engaging the public on the economic situation of the state.

Meanwhile, the Liberian Prelate has said President Weah lacks the audacity to mandate officials of his government to declare their assets while he himself has failed to do so.

Tarpeh is cautioning the Liberian Leader to make public his assets, disagreeing with pundits who think it is late for such declaration.

The Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission or LACC recently came in defense of President Weah, arguing that the Liberian Leader has not violated the regulations on assets declaration, suggesting the deadline has not elapsed.

But the Motivational Speaker noted that the issue at hand goes beyond constitutionalism, but a matter of moral responsibility to the people being governed.

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