Firestone Linked to Bad Labor Practices


The Management of Firestone Liberia is expected to appear before the full Plenary of the House of Representatives to address itself to accusations of bad labor practices, poor living condition, and other concessions issues.

The House Committee on Agriculture and Labor including Representatives of electoral districts 1, 2, 3 of Margibi County and District 1 of Montserrado were mandated by the House’s Plenary on May 31, 2018, to jointly investigate issues raised in the Agriculture Committee report on the operation of Bridge Firestone Liberia.

house of rep

After executing its mandate by Plenary, the joint committee told their Colleagues during Thursday sitting that their investigation validated the findings of the Agriculture Committee with respect to Bad Labor practices, poor living condition, lack of improvement of school facilities including the high cost of heavy wood being produced by Firestone Liberia, being sold on the Liberian market.

The committee in its findings called on the Plenary of the House to invite the management of Bridge Firestone on Thursday, June 28, to respond to the counts as contained in the committee report.

The recommendation to have the company’s managerial Team appeared was overwhelmingly endorsed by Plenary.
Firestone Liberia started operation more than 90 years ago. In recent years, the company has been associated with numerous claims of labor abuses, poor living conditions, and environmental mismanagement among others.

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