Child Right Advocate Satta Sheriff Calls For Implementation Of Liberia Children Law

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Child Right Advocate, Satta Sheriff has written an open letter to the House of Representatives, calling on that body to ensure the implementation of the Liberia Children Law.

Satta Sheriff reading the open letter to Journalists in Monrovia said there is still increase of domestic violence against the children of Liberia since the passage of the children law.

Sheriff said on daily basis children continued to suffer from inhumane treatment as well as undergo sexual violence.

“Children are often seeing in the street of Monrovia selling among cars just to find daily bread for their parents, I think all this is happening because the Liberia Children law has not fully been implemented.” She said.

According to her, the proliferation of violence against children must stop through the support of the House of Representatives.
The former Liberia Children Representative Forum Speaker at the same time appealed to that august body to provide budget support for the children forum in order to execute many of its programs.

“There are good programs on our desk for the children of Liberia but this can only be actualized if government allocate budget for our activities.”

She intoned “it pains me a lot to see young girls who should be in school, languishing in the street and involving themselves into acts that are detrimental to their future only because there are no financial means.”

She meanwhile disclosed that her institution under the banner Youth in Action for Peace and Empowerment along with other organizations will shortly stage a campaign to draw the attention of government focusing on abuse against children in the country.

“This inhumane treatment meted against the children of Liberia is too much; a peaceful protest will draw this government attention to our plight.” She discloses.




Four Dead From Dog Bites In B’hai District, Grand Gedeh County.

According to report, there has been an increase in dog bite for the past two years in the district.
The report said the latest dog bite which took place in the district during the weekend has led to the death of a 46-year-old woman identified as Oretha Julutweh.

Another person is currently undergoing traditional medication as a result of the dog biting situation.

Dog bite which according to scientific studies lead to rabies is said to be on the increase in southeastern Liberia especially Grand Gedeh County.

Meanwhile, B’hai district commissioner William Quartis and other local authorities of Grand Gedeh County have issued a one-week ultimatum on the restriction of pets in the district.

Commissioner William Quartis intimated that the ultimatum is intended for dog’s owners in the county to restrict their pet or risk losing them.

“We can’t afford to lose our citizen to dog bite; therefore, if the need be that we kill all the dogs in this county,, we will do it.” He emphasized.

Citizens of B’hai district are expressing fear about the situation and have threatened to begin killing the dogs within the various communities.

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