“Pro-Poor Housing Unit Project” To Kick Start In Grand Kru


The Executive Director of the Liberia Agency for Community Empowerment (LACE) Quiwu Yeke said plans are underway for the implementation of a local housing project.
The Project, styled: “Special Presidential Pro-Poor Housing Unit Project,” is targeting 568 housing units across the 15 political sub-divisions at the cost of US$8 million.
It will also be funded partially by the Weah-led administration in partnership with the Japanese Government.

Mr. Quiwu Yeke said the first phase of this project will shortly begin in Grand Kru County with residents benefiting from 288 units.

Appearing on the ELBC Super Morning Show (SMS) Monday, Mr. Yeke said the houses, when constructed, will be given to the locals free –of-charge.
Urban and emerging urban communities will not benefit from the project as it is straightly for towns and villages, according to the LACE Boss.

It is not clear when the project is expected to be finished, but Mr. Yeke said feasibility studies are being carried out and every detail concerning the project will be announced.

He said the project is aimed at improving the lives of the locals. Mr. Yeke further said that the housing project also aims to ensure the achievement of economic justice for vulnerable people.

Starting with President Weah’s home town, Saastown, Grand Kru County, the LACE Boss further iterated that the housing project will be built along the major highways of Liberia.

He further added that the intent of the project is also to give a facelift to these major highways which are usually occupied by mishit structures.

“These houses will be built on the highway, especially at the front views, because when you travel to these rural parts of the country, you see how the huts are been built on these highways, they are not in good conduction,” he added.

The LACE Boss said his entity is working in line with the Ministries of Finance and Development Planning (MoFDP), Public Works (MPW), as well as the National Housing Authority (NHA) to ensure that the project is implemented.

From Grand Kru County, Mr. Yeke said, the president will select the next county to benefit from this project.
The project, Mr. Yeke further said will be given to Liberian contractors in order to empower them.

“It is always good for Liberians to build their own country rather than foreigners, so these contracts will be awarded to Liberian construction companies,” he added.

He called on Liberians to be patient that plans are underway to bring relief to them through this local housing project.

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