BWI 89th Founder’s Day Celebration On Course -Principal Tarnue Asserts, Several Projects To Be Dedicated


The Principal of the Booker T. Washington Institute (BWI), Atty. Harris Fomba Tarnue says his administration is on course with the celebration of the 89th founder’s day celebration slated for June 29th and 30th 2018.

The Principal on Wednesday told newsman that all is now set for the celebration which will be characterized by the dedication of several projects, football match, parade and indoor program amongst others.

“This is an important week for us, this week marks the 89th founding day of the Institution and so we are in heavy work gear trying to get the Campus set/fix, our projects completed and prepare for the main day on Saturday which is June 30 so we are quite on course” he declared.

Principal Tarnue explained that a 2,100ft fence project running from Du-River to the main gate of the Campus which has been completed will be dedicated on Friday, June 29, 2018, terming it as the critical project for this year.
He noted that two of their senior classes and the National Social Security and Welfare Corporation (NASSCORP) which is a member of the BWI Board provided funds towards the construction of the project while there is another fund in the pipeline from Senator Oscar A. Cooper to begin another phase.

Mr. Tarnue expressed that there were so many intrusions by some individuals especially at night causing students to complain of missing items as the result of the lack of sufficient security to mount the campus; as such, fencing the Campus is an important measure instituted by his administration to safeguard the campus and protect the students.

Atty. Tarnue indicated that another project that is completed and awaiting dedication is a modern and fully equipped Biology Laboratory in the Science building which one of the senior classes undertook to renovate and refurbish two years ago.

The BWI Boss intoned that the Institution has two additional Labs which include Chemistry and Physic but added that in 2017 his Administration as part of their budget secured funding from the government that gave them almost all of their Biology Lab while there is funding that enabled them to get chemical thus giving the students the opportunity to begin using the Lab.

He further revealed that BWI will be unveiling her animal farm which hosts a couple of husbandry projects stating that the Institution is raising piggery, and it started a poultry farming which has about six hundred birds, Cattle band, and goats.

The Principal disclosed that the Animal Farm is critical because it is a critical arm of the school and the Agriculture Department in the School is engaged in training the students in different segment of animal husbandry and it is part of their internal revenue generating capacity.

According to him, the School has about seventy herds of cattle and the poultry will be ready with the hope of making the first sale in July of this year.

The Principal narrated that a flagpole stage constructed for the purpose of hosting the fifteen Counties’ flags and development partners’ flags including the European Union will be dedicated by Margibi County Senator, Oscar A. Cooper.

He noted that the European Union Ambassador will host her Country flag while Chairpersons of the fifteen Counties Caucuses are expected to host their various Counties’ flags.

Meanwhile, Atty. Tarnue said this year’s celebration will be held under the Theme “Enabling the Pro-poor agenda by supporting Technical and Vocational Education” with the Youth and Sports Minister, D. Zoegar Wilson serving as guest Speaker.
He then said his Administration is intent is to raise the level of awareness for support to the technical training of the young people adding, ‘the government has identified the issue of employing young people as a critical thing for meeting the agenda for national development interns of pro-poor.

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