‘Flooded’ Monrovia


A comprehensive survey conducted by a local media outlet, Media Public Trust, has revealed, among other things, that urban and rural areas in Liberia will continue to experience flooding during the rainy season if nothing is done by central government to arrest the situation.

Flooding on the main street along the Freeport community, Monrovia

In a full report published recently, the local media outlet documented in details reasons for the huge flooding in certain urban and rural areas in the country.

According to the group, indications of unending solutions to the perennial flooding occasioned by heavy rains seem not to be insight, as residents and businesses in those areas are bracing themselves for the nightmares of displacement and homelessness.

“As usual, the annual six months of rains in Liberia has started with the nightmare of perennial flooding in several urban and rural cities, as the woes of thousands of dwellers in those areas have begun in earnest.

FLOOD 3.png
A home surrounded by flood in the Logan Town Community

A weekly survey of affected communities in Monrovia and Paynesville in Montserrado County points to the fact that dirty flood water has begun creating misery, agony, frustration, and hardships for the residents and business entities,” the group survey report reveals.

The report claimed that warnings, cautions and alerts to residents and businesses every year of the affected areas have gone or disappeared in thin air in the cities of Monrovia, Paynesville, Buchanan and Robertsport as well as Greenville, Barclayville, Kakata and other rural areas.

A house overtaken by flood AB Tolbert Road, Paynesville

Such warnings and cautions, according to the survey report, have come from several environmental and health stakeholders and advocacy groups for residents and business entities that built their structures in waterways and flood-prone areas to vacate the area.

However, regrettably, such repeated warnings and directives had repeatedly not been adhered to, the report said, as huge construction works continue unabated by business entities and residents in the affected communities in many rural and urban cities in the country.

“Principally in Monrovia, areas perpetually affected as a result of the endless flooding are West Point, Duala, Waterside, Rally Time and Soniewein Markets and other communities. Moreover, the entrance of the West Point community and few feet from the main entrance to the densely populated slum borough, a lake of flood water continues to settle there for the past several decades at the heart of the commercial hub of Waterside in Monrovia. Even an hour of rainfall in Monrovia, the decades’ old drainages get rapidly over flooded and the principal streets end up being swallowed by the mountains of garbage piles,” The survey report averred.

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