FIFA Clears LFA of Financial Malpractices


Report coming in from the headquarters of the Liberia Football Association (LFA) says Football’s World governing body; FIFA has found no major financial malpractices with the operations of the local Football Association.

In a communication to the LFA, FIFA said it wants the LFA to follow laid down procedures in the procurement of goods and services as well as the disbarments of funding for programs and activities.

According to a release from the LFA, the FIFA administration thanked the local football house for its cooperation during the recently concluded 2017 central review process.

The FIFA communication said

“Pursuant to article 17 of the FIFA Forward Development Programme Regulations, the FIFA Audit and Compliance Committee (“ACC”) assessed the reported results of your member association at its most recent meeting of 10 June 2018”.

“In light of adverse results identified in the final report received from the independent auditors, the ACC has decided that the release of development funding to your member association is to be restricted according to the following framework while steps to remediate the underlying issues are taken” the FIFA communication added.

FIFA will release development funding to the LFA including support to FIAF Forward Project as well as infrastructure projects to be undertaken by the LFA based on disbursements and installments plans.

“This restriction will remain in place for a minimum period of three months. The progress of your member association against the revision framework outlined will be assessed by the ACC at its next meeting of September 2018, at which point your funding Status may be reassessed”, the FIFA Communication noted.

FIFA in its communication outlined 5 steps or procedures the LFA must follow in order to return to normal funding. The LFA, however, said some of the steps are already in place according to a release from the LFA.

The LFA through its President Musa Bility has welcomed the report and said the LFA will be in compliance as agreed between it and the independent auditors as well as the FIFA Audit and Compliance Committee.

There have been reports in some media outlets of missing money from the LFA accounts and misused of FIFA funding which led to a forensic audit of the LFA accounts.
These reports were highlighted during the LFA elections in April with some aspirants for positions at the time accusing incumbents and Musa Bility who was not seeking the election of being corrupt.

But with FIFA saying there are no financial malpractices at the LFA, perhaps critics and accusers of Musa Bility’s administration will agree and seize the attacks on the outgoing LFA Boss but that will only will be known when the critics’ reactions to FIFA report are known.

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