LFA Sets July 21 For Extraordinary Congress To Amend Statutes


Stakeholders of Liberian Football will on July 21, 2018, conduct an another Extra-Ordinary Congress for the sole purpose of making an amendment to the December 2017 revised Liberia Football Association (LFA).

This follows the recommendation from the World Parent body of football FIFA after disputes in the April 14 elections reached FIFA.

Two sticky issues in the LFA statutes which brought about controversies in the April 14 elections have been proposed by both FIFA and the New LFA Executives Committee for amendment at the Extra-Ordinary Congress.

Major among them is the degree issue which created a serious bottleneck for the election of a new President for the local FA.
According to the LFA December 2017 revised Statutes, individuals vying for the positions of President, and vice presidents must obtain a minimum college degree.

That Statutes also stated two different age qualifications for president; one article saying the president shall not be younger than 25 years, while another article says the president shall not be younger than 35 years.

FIFA said the LFA law was not clear on the age qualification; as such another review of the LFA Statutes was needed.

CHAPTER 25 of the LFA Statues title; ELECTIONS Article 58.1 Original: says; “The President shall not be younger than 25 years. The President must have been President in one of the Members of the LFA in the last two years before the elections. The President shall have a minimum qualification of a bachelor degree; the other members of the Executive committee shall have a minimum qualification of a high school diploma”.

The New EC of the LFA wants this article change and be read thus; (Article 58.1)
“The President, Vice Presidents and Members of the Executive Committee shall not be younger than 25 years. ……The President, Vice Presidents and Executive Committee members shall have a minimum qualification of high school diploma”.

The new Executive Committee and FIFA also want fixed registration fees for aspirants for positions in the LFA placed in the new football statutes.
The draft statute has, therefore, made provision in it for fix registration fees with article 58.5 saying “Candidates for the LFA elections shall pay the following fees: 1 President US $1000.00 58.5.2 Vice Presidents US $750.00 58.5.3 Executive committee members US $500.00”.

But there are mixed reactions already among stakeholders about the proposed amendment for article 58.1, particularly amending the law to allow high school graduates to contest the LFA Presidency and Vice President positions.
Some stakeholders have expressed total dissatisfactions about plans to drop the degree requirement and allow people with high school diploma to contest LFA top positions.
A FIFA mandate says the football stakeholders must make an amendment to the LFA constitution before an election for new president can be held.
The planned July 21, 2018, Congress will take place in Monrovia with stakeholders either voting yes or no to the amendment.

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