Supreme Court Place Stay Order On President Weah’s Appointment

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The Supreme Court of Liberia has placed a stay order on the removal of Liberia Deputy Commissioner, permanent Representative to the International Maritime Organization (IMO), Isaac Jackson from his post.

Jackson through his lawyer Arthur Johnson filed a petition on the Supreme Court requesting that body to issue a prohibition arguing that his removal was illegal and unconstitutional.

According to Jackson’s petition, part 11, section seven of the Liberia Maritime Act of 2010 Tenure of Commissioner and Deputies provides for five years.

The Petition furthered notes that section (7) of the same Act provide that Commissioner can be subjected to removal or suspension from his/her position by the President based on recommendation from the Board.

The Petitioner says since his appointment by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in 2016, he has only served for twenty one month in service.

Recently, President George Weah made several appointments including the position Jackson currently occupied at the IMO in England to be replaced by Moses Owen Brown.

The prohibition is being upheld pending a conference between the parties on next week Tuesday.

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