Tipoteh Raps On The Importance of Cultural Education For Liberians

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Veteran Liberian Educator and Politician, Dr. Togba Nah- Tipoteh is urging the Government of Liberia to provide opportunities where Liberians will have access to learn more about their culture rather than just gaining western education.

In a brief perspective paper which is being published under titled: “Education and National Decision Making,” Dr. Tipoteh said it is not just enough for Liberians to acquire western education and that it will be more prudent and beneficiary to the country if the country’s educational sector will incorporate into its curriculum, courses about Liberia’s culture and its governance system.

He said one of the reasons why Liberia educational sector is considered messy is because the country’s educational institutions have become more western-oriented to the point where students learn how to solve problems unique to western countries than to Africa.

“When a culture does not define and operate the educational system, the system becomes a mess. When we do not know about our problems, we do not know how to solve our problems,” Dr. Tipoteh stated in the piece.

According to the veteran Pan Africanist, when Liberians tend to implement their western knowledge it is not always beneficiary to the country, in that, they most often mimic the mistakes being made by state managers in the western nations.

Dr Tipoteh explains:

“Witness the poor economic policies and practices that have resulted in the widening gap between the poor and rich within countries and between poor and rich countries to the point where 82 percent of the income and wealth of the world is accounted for by one percent of the world’s rich persons. This greed led to the Great Depression of the early 1930’s and the global financial crisis of 2008, pointing to the unsustainability of the dismal relationship between and the rich.
In effect, education, as defined here, tells us that the poor cannot look up to the rich to get the poor out of poverty because the rich will not do anything to end the sources that make the rich richer and the poor poorer.”

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