Monthly Archives: July 2018

Over Planned Amendment Of LFA Statutes Tension Intensifies Among Football Stakeholders

There are serious mix reactions among football stakeholders about the plan to amend article 58 section 1 of the Liberia Football Association Statutes which was revised just seven months ago. Football Stakeholders will hold an extraordinary congress on July 21, 2018, for the sole purpose of making amendments to the December 2017 revised statutes. The article under review led to

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Finance Ministry Dedicates First-Ever Economic Forecasting And Training Lab

In its bid to enhance the assessment and analysis of the economy, as well as the quality of economic forecasting to adequately inform fiscal policies, and in order to continue to improve the technical capacities of technicians at the Ministry, The Ministry of Finance and Development Planning, Monday, July 3, 2018, officially dedicated its first-ever economic forecasting and training lab

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