LFA To Hold Presidential Election In August. But…


At long last, football stakeholders could conclude the April 14, 2018 Football Election as Executives Committee of the Liberia Football Association (LFA) has set a tentative timetable for the election.

LFA President, Musa Bility told State Radio Super Sports Program at the weekend that the much delay LFA Presidential Election will take place two weeks after the July 21, 2018 Extra-Ordinary Congress.

The July 21, 2018 Extra-Ordinary Congress will be held to amend article 58 of the LFA Statutes which was revised last December.
According to Musa Bility, the Presidential election will take place Monday, August 6, 2018. He said the LFA Executives took the decision to conduct the election on the said date so as to end the hiccup in the local football.

Mr. Bility said for the election to go ahead, Stakeholders will first vote to make amendment to the controversial LFA Statutes, especially either voting for or against the provision that is now calling for High School Diploma holders to be allowed to contest the LFA Presidency and Vice President posts, kicking out the provision that calls for college or university degree.

But some stakeholders have begun expressing opposition to the plan amendment of the constitution just for the Presidential election.
Reacting to news of the August 6 election, Victor Gboyah and Ansu Dulleh two defeated candidates in the LFA April 14 election said they will challenge the decision to change the statutes and hold the election at the court.
The two and several others have described the move as “changing the rules in the middle of the game” which they will not accept.

“You can’t have two laws for one election,” Victor Gboyah said.

According to him and others, the law which was used in the April 14 election which saw the election of 12 Executive Committee Members including the two Vice Presidents must not be changed to conduct this presidential election.
Victor Gboyah, a former President for Police Blue Angels says he has already written a protest to that effect to Fifa and is will register a case on the issue at the Court of Arbitrations for Sports (CAS) shortly.

The LFA President, however, said stakeholders should vote on July 21, 2018 at the Extra-Ordinary Congress for the best for football.
Musa Bility said he could not give a personal opinion on the two issues, but wants Liberian Football Stakeholders to harmonize the LFA Statutes with conscious.
Rochell Woodson anther former EC has already taken a case to the CAS.

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