Special Presidential Taskforce Begins Engagement -Kick Starts ‘Vigorous’ Approach To Clean Monrovia, Paynesville


Ahead of Liberia’s Independence Day celebration, the newly constituted joint task force that was commissioned by President George M. Weah to clean Monrovia, Paynesville and its environs, has embarked on the implementation of the mandate.

In a Monrovia City Corporation release issued in Monrovia over the weekend, the joint-taskforce began its operations on Saturday, July 7, 2018 from Freeport to the Stockton Creek Bridge in Somalia Drive.

task 1

According to the release, the Chair of the Joint-Task Force, Jefferson T. Koijee along with his team, worked assiduously with community’s dwellers along the Somalia Drive and its surrounding areas to give the city a facelift.

Mayor Koijee, according to the circulated document, was seen fully implementing the President’s mandate by brushing grass, something he said, should serve as a motivational factor for every Liberian.

“We need to clean our environment, Liberia is all we have and we should take ownership of our country by continuously cleaning our homes, market and workplaces, factories amongst others. The President whom you voted overwhelmingly has given us the mandate to join you clean our cities which I assured you his mandate will be executed void of biases,” the release quoted the Joint Presidential Taskforce Chair.

According to the Chair, the taskforce will be more vigorous in the coming days in its approach to have a clean, green and safe environment.
He said, as part of the many approaches the taskforce has developed, it has ordered the removal of makeshift structures along the Somalia Drive and other regions that will fall in the operational territory of the joint task force.

The release added that during the cleanup exercise, the joint task force’s chair was joined by the Assistant Minister of Correction and Rehabilitation Eddie Tarawali who came along with at least twelve (12) inmates to participate in the process.

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Minister Tarawali said the participation of the inmates was the Ministry of Justice’s way of aiding the Taskforce to execute the President’s mandate.

He noted that the involvement of the inmates is also part of the Ministry of Justice’s Community Service Program.

“Since the establishment of the task force, it has been working day and night cleaning areas in Monrovia, Paynesville and adjacent cities in Montserrado County to remove the huge pile of dirt, something community dwellers have welcomed. The Taskforce was able to remove a hill of dirt at the ELWA Junction market, the Police Academy junction, the 72nd Junction, primarily cleaned the center of red-light, drastically reduced the huge quantity of dirt at the Gobarchop market and Stockton Creek transfer station,” the release noted.

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