The Opportunity Given Me To Serve Is Not A Mistake- SRC Workers Union Chairman Reveals

County News

The newly inducted Chairman of the Salala Agricultural Workers Union, Oldman Kollie has revealed that his colleagues did not make any mistake in giving him the opportunity to serve them.

Mr. Kollie in his induction statement over the weekend disclosed that he has served the Union for the past fourteen years and with the experience and technique he has, it is just prudent that he leads the Organization.

The SAWU Boss intoned that he knows the techniques and grievance procedure in curtailing strike action noting that he will work in accordance with the Labor Laws and Constitution of Liberia.

He told the workers that the effort being applied by them that led to his election will not go in vain. Mr. Kollie said he will exhibit the type of leadership the officials of GAWUL, the Government of Liberia and the Community want to see.

Mr. Kollie stated that he was able to solve several grievances that arose at SRC when he served as grievance chairman of the Union stating that those strategies he used are still in him.

He said his leadership will protect the interest of the workers, listen to them, dialogue and address their grievances and put into place everything that needs to make workplace stable.

He, at the same time thanked the workers for electing him to the Chairman position. Mr. Kollie Chairman, Mr. David O. Dennis Co-Chair, Mr. Raymond Willie General Secretary, Mr. James Rambo Grievance, Mrs. Mary Boimah Treasurer and Mr. Edwin Diggs member were over the weekend inducted into offices to lead the Union for the next two years.

In a related development, the current leadership of the Union gowned their former President Anthony O. Moses and his wife Yatta Moses for their dedicated services rendered them over the years.

The SRC Workers Union’s Treasurer, Mary Boimah speaking on behalf of the Union recounted Mr. Moses’ intervention during his time of service as their head something she said prompted the honor.

“The time this man took defending us when we were in the Plantation as a slaves, let me be brave to say that we were in the Plantation as a slaves; we never knew what they call CBA right; our CBA was always in the plastic when you talk about CBA they will fired you I was not working at the time but it use to hurt me” Mrs. Boimah disclosed.

She narrated that it came to a time when Mr. Moses was introduced to them as workers by the sitting Union Chairman, Mr. Oldman Kollie to vote him as their President adding that he served them for nine years advocating on their behalf and it time that he be honored.

For his part, the former President of the Salala Agricultural Worker Union, Anthony O. Moses assured the current leadership of the Union that his door remains open for consultation and any assistance they may need from him as a former Union leader and at the same time thanked the management of the Salala Rubber Corporation (SRC) for standing with his leadership.

According to him, the SRC management was always prepared to sit on the drawing table with his leadership to find a solution to problems. He also intoned that the Radio Station that is owned and operated by the Union is his heartbeat and that is the reason him and colleague advocated, making sure that a new 1000kw Transmitter was made available and will be turned over to the new leadership soon so the voices of the people can be heard.

He indicated that he does not want the legacy his leadership left dies down; as such he is going to do all he can in ensuring that the current leadership succeeds more than he did to prove that there is someone who cares for his people.

Anthony Moses added that he was underpaid by the SRC management because of his people on grounds that he wanted something for the workers urging them to see it as a glory. Commissioner Moses however, called on the workers to pray for him to succeed in his new journey.

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