To Boost Environmental Monitoring – EPA receives 25 Motorbikes from UNDP

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In an effort to boost environmental monitoring and data collection in Liberia, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) has donated 25 motorbikes and accessories to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The donation was made on Monday, July 9, 2018, in Monrovia.

Making the donation of the motorbikes keys to EPA boss Hon. Nathaniel T. Blama, Sr., UNDP Country Director, Dr. Pa Lamin Beyai said the donation is intended to boost EPA’s capacity to monitor and collect data for environmental compliance, while at the same time supporting adaptation planning.

Dr. Beyai noted that the donation is necessary due to the current environment and climate change challenges in Liberia including deforestation, coastal erosion, pollution of rivers and coastal waters, raw sewage, and change in temperature and rainfall patterns which demand that the EPA be adequately capacitated and equipped to face these challenges.

He disclosed that EPA’s limited capacity to perform its mandatory role as the monitoring, coordinating and supervisory authority for the sustainable management of the environment was recognized in 2015 during a stock-taking exercise conducted by UNDP and the EPA during the formulation process of the National Adaptation Plan (NAP).

According to him, the NAP’s project, which is supporting the country to advance its preparation for medium-term investment planning in climate-sensitive sectors, presents a unique opportunity for UNDP and EPA to work together to build resilience across the sectors.

“It avails the country the opportunity to attract investment and finance to increase development in the key sectors to Liberia’s economic growth,” he revealed.

He indicated that EPA and UNDP partnership has delivered several key results including the recent ratification of the Paris Climate Agreement by the Legislature, which according to him was done through continuous engagement of key stakeholders such as the EPA, the legislature, Ministry of State, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs leading to UNDP support for an experience sharing visit to Ghana.

“This shows UNDP’s recognition of the importance for Liberia, as Africa’s first Republic not to be left behind as signatory to the United Nations Framework Convention on Comate Change (UNFCCC).”

He assured that UNDP will continue its partnership with the EPA and other key government institution in Liberia to tackle the country’s environmental challenges.

Receiving the donated motorbikes, EPA Executive Director, Hon. Blama lauded the UNDP for its support and promised that the motorcycles would be used by inspectors for the intended purpose.
He said inspectors across the country are in dared need of mobility and disclosed that motorbikes assigned to them have all broken down.

According to him, the last time EPA’s inspectors got motorbikes supply was seven years ago and disclosed EPA now spent a lot on the repair of motorbikes assigned to inspectors.

He thanked UNDP for its continuous support and said that the UNDP has been supportive of EPA’s on-going projects including a program to strengthen its national capacity and resilience.

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