Margibi Labor Commissioner Vows To Work In Workers Interest

A good news for the workforce of Margibi County as the Labor Commissioner in the County and former president of the Salala Agricultural Workers Union (SAWU), Anthony O. Moses has vowed to work in their interest.

It can be recalled that there have been labor unrests in some Plantations as the result of “alleged bad labor practices” including, low salary payment, poor living condition interns of deplorable housing facilities, the lack of safe drinking water, the lack of proper healthcare services and educational opportunity among others.

Firestone Liberia, the Salala Rubber Corporation (SRC) and the Morris American Rubber Company (MARCO) that are close to Kakata among others have suffered several strike actions as the result of the alleged failure of the Management of these Entities to address some of the problems. Some of these problems are partly being addressed by some of the Companies while others are yet to be addressed as some workers are continuously complaining.

Some private individuals including business owners and private farms’ owners are also involved in these acts. In recent time, a Lebanese businessman, Rocky Amah was undergoing an investigation for allegedly perpetrating bad labor practice against some Liberian women that were working for him.

Some of the women complained of being ill-treated, underpaid and abused by Mr. Amah but these issues were handled by Labor officials in the County.

Meanwhile, in an effort to get rid of these problems or minimize them, Mr. Moses has promised to work in the interest of those he represents as head of Labor in the County.

Speaking when he turned over power to the current leadership of SAWU in Weala Margibi County, Mr. Moses said as a former Union President; he knows if not all most of the problems faced by workers across the County promising to work for his people.

The Margibi Labor Commissioner explained that he is not just a Commissioner for the SRC workers but rather a Commissioner for the entire workforce in the County.

“I am a Commissioner for the Contractors, I am a Commissioner for the Employees and I am a Commissioner for the formal and informal sectors of our Country, so trust me I will work for you” he indicated.

Mr. Moses said his duty is to serve his people thereby promising to serve them to the best of his ability.


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