“Weah Government Is God’s Government”- Evangelical Bishop Asserts


The Bishop of the St. Paul Evangelical Congregational Church of Liberia (ECCOL), G. Abraham Powell, says the Government, headed by President George Manneh Weah, is not the cause of the raging economic hardship in the country.

“The government you see is not the cause of our economic problems, and this government is God’s government,” the Evangelical Bishop told his congregation on recently during a Worship Service held at the Iron Factory Community along the Somalia Drive, outside Monrovia.

“I can tell you that President Weah is our leader and he is in the Hands of the Holy Spirit and anyone who touches him touches our God,” Bishop Powell declared amidst shouts of “Hallelujah” by other members of the Congregation. Halleluiah is a word used to express praise to God.

According Bishop Powell, the alarming rate of poverty and economic difficulties in the country are caused by Liberians themselves because they are not giving to God and to others who are in dire need of assistance and care.

Quoting the Christian Holy Book, the Bible, Bishop Power challenged the Congregation to give to God and those in need.

“If you give to God, He will surely reward you,” he emphasized.
“For the Bible says he that gives shall receive; and he that sows in tear shall reap in Joy, so we should learn to give so that we shall receive,” he stressed.

He quoted the Holy Scripture, Matthew 6:4 which says: “So that your giving may be in secret, then your father, who sees what is done in secret will reward you.”

Speaking on the Theme: “Don’t Mean God with God Money,” the Evangelical Clergyman outlined activities which are being undertaken by the St. Paul Evangelical Congregational Church of Liberia (ECCOL) for the empowerment of its members.

He explained how the Church intends to maximize its contribution to sustaining peace and development in Liberia.
He disclosed that the Church has put into place a microfinance loan scheme with the aim of empowering women in the Church.

The Bishop also said the Church is committed to the construction of schools in four counties where the church has branches.
He said these initiatives, among others, are aimed at giving educational empowerment to Liberians, particularly the youth who are the future leaders of the country.

He said with peace, unity and the positive contributions of all Liberians, the Liberian nation would rise above its current economic and other challenges.
Bishop Powell reminded members of the Church to do away with vices that could undermine the peace, unity, and development of the Church in Liberia.
He encouraged Liberians, in general, to ensure that issues that brought about division not only in the Church but the nation as a whole are not repeated.

He said the only medium through which this can happen is when Liberians have a clear understanding of the prevailing socio-economic challenges in the country and sincerely work together in addressing such difficulties as opposed to blaming President Weah and his government.

The Bishop used the occasion to caution members of the Evangelical Congregational Church of Liberia (ECCOL) to have a clear understanding of the prevailing situation not only in the church but in the country so as to enable them make informed decisions.

Bishop Powell said the failure of many Christians to understand the time of situations led them to making wrong decisions in the Church and the larger society.
Bishop Powell asserted that all of these initiatives are intended to bring about growth and development in the Church with a focus on both the spiritual and physical empowerment of E.C members.

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