Yana Boys President Decries Harsh Economic Reality In The Country

County News

The President of the Yana Boys Association of Liberia has decried the harsh economic reality facing the ordinary business people in the country.

Prince Kollie said the hike in the US rate coupled with the increase in the price of basic foodstuff on the market is directly affecting the masses.
Ahead of the President state of the nation address surrounding the country’s economy, the Yana Boys President wants the Liberian leader to provide a concrete solution to the current Economic crisis.

Prince Kollie has meanwhile called on the President to be mindful of the people who are suggesting advice concerning the economy.

He told The Monrovia Times over the weekend that the Yana Boys Association supported the change for hope agenda but are now wondering why things are going the way it is.

“If the President can just tell us where we are headed as a people economically, I think it will quiet the noise in the country.” He stated.

“I know my President has this country at heart but the many advisors are the ones creating the problem for him.”

However, President George Weah is expected to address the nation on the current state of the economy on Monday, July 16 at about 10 am.

According to an executive mansion release the President will bring the people of Liberia up to speed the prospect and challenges of the economy.

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